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RICS Homebuyers Survey on a 1909 Solihull Semi-detached house

Solihull semi-detached house with cellar and attic room from just after the turn of the century. The chimneys have been demolished probably because they were in very poor condition from attack by condensates of combustion and the original tiles roof replaced with a modern concrete tile one which raised concern about the structures ability to support the extra weight. Poor cellar ventilation had encouraged dampness which has caused decay of the floor structure and encouraged beetles to infest the floor planks. There was no protecting the occupier of the attic room from fire and the stairs to the attic room were steep with winding treads and difficult to use in the dark. External render appeared to have used plaster rather than a sand and lime render which would make it vulnerable to water damage. The property had old lead water supply pipe and a corroding metal gas pipe. Insualtion of the attic room was considerably substandard.


Solihull surveyors RICS Homebuyers Report on a 1900 Semi detached house

Typical semi-detached three storey house with cellar from just before WWI. The Roof surface is life expired and has also distorted due to a sub standard structure which has probably resulted from having to accommodate the dormer window. There are no fire doors on the landings or halls to protect the occupier of the roof void rooms or to allow an escape corridor. The garage roof was also like expired due the slates delaminating and the structure was also substandard and had a decayed joist end. Boundary walls had suffered considerable loss of their faces. Yew trees in the garden are extremely toxic and a beech tree is a maintenance liability and may have protection order. The period nature of the house and others in the road means it is likely to be in a conservation area.


RICS Surveyors Structural Investigation of a Solihull Property for an Expert Witness Report

The recent purchaser of this late 1960's Solihull property first became aware of a problem when he lifted the lounge carpet and found a large crack of the floor slab running from front to rear. An initial investigation by another surveyor suggested that the matter might be due to sulphates in the base of the floor attacking the concrete but a chemical analysis confirmed that this was not the case. Such attack tends to form small humps as the concrete expands rather than snaps. In this instance the walls of the property also showed signs of fracturing and one of the window openings on the rear was competely distorted. The brickwork in a drian chamber had also rotated in the horizontal plane. Our surveyors refered  to the old Solihull OS sheets which suggested that the house was built on an old sand pit that had subsequently been filled in. Our surveyors concluded that the sand or fill had been washed away by an escape of water from a drain. The property is currently unlikely to be motgagable until it can be confirmed that the movement has ceased. Purchaser re-sold the property to a company that buys houses for cash at £20,000 less than was paid for it. Unfortunately he had not had an independent pre-purchase survey prefering to reley on a mortgage surveyors report.



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